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Wetland Construction

Nature plays such an important part in the countries well being in so many ways. A thriving habitat not only can contribute positively towards to countries ecosystem but also brings pleasure and joy to many nature lovers and brings new species to an area further contributing to a healthy environment.

Wetlands are truly multifunctional, not only are they perfect for birdlife and insects they are also a perfect tool for cleaning water that is contaminated with stubborn contaminants. Reed beds have been used for centuries to clean water before today, yet we find ourselves today still selling the benefits of wetlands beyond the obvious improvement in biodiversity one can bring to an area.

Our team work closely with wetland specialist on developing not only habitats but also the ability to filter and clean contaminated water from the countries water providers. Water providers particularly right now are under extraordinary pressure as they not only spend large amount of money delivering key infrastructure but also often fail to maintain existing infrastructure causing continual environmental contamination into watercourses.

Our solution involves the importation of waste soils and clays to engineer the land to be suitable to wetlands while working closely with horticulturalists to develop specific planting schemes to meet whatever the designated end goal of the land is, beit water cleansing or creation of habitats, or perhaps both.

Image by Rachel C


Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

Land repurposing that not only carries out vital function but also contributes extraordinarily to the environment can never be a bad idea, right?

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