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Farmland Improvement

Farming is at the heart of the UK not only its economy but also its a way of life for many rural communities, the importance of maintaining British farming is more than just a desire, it is a need.

Over farming of land over the past generations due to over commercialisation of the industry has attributed to mass use of pesticides and fertilisers which in turn act to destroy the basis that our soils are built on, the very microbes that make it farmable and give it its crop yielding qualities. This coupled with soil erosion, where hedgerows have been removed over decades causing soil to wash down hill and into drainage ditches has contributed to thinner layers of degraded soil.

Having been studied it has been shown that the soil structures in the UK realistically only have up to 60 farming cycles left in them, that means in around 60 years time we won't be able to produce the food tomorrow that we produce today, scary right?

At Stockley Environmental we have over the past decade developed a careful process to rebuild the soil structure and return nutrients naturally to soil, how you ask?

Every day hundreds of thousand of tonnes of soil and sub soil are disposed of from construction projects, housebuilding and general infrastructure works. Traditionally waste soils have been taken to landfill for disposal. Lets rephrase that, every day hundreds of thousand of tonnes of good quality soils containing essential microbes essential for healthy soil are disposed of in landfill.... crazy.

We spent time and effort developing a process that allowed us to turn that waste resource into a beneficial product that can be used to replenish soils and through our unique approach to the initial farming cycle we also bring further nutrients back into the soil through a bespoke turnkey over-cropping cycle. This unique approach gives a natural approach to how we manage our farm land and how we can build a truly sustainable future of farming and food. 

Our process is patented and proven at our existing farmland improvement project we have carried out in which we have taken land that had <300mm of poor quality subsoil, the land has been raised to allow for a more homogenous farmland that benefits from good quality drainage and with a 1000mm depth of agricultural soil rich in natural nutrients.

Agricultural Fields


Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

Imagine your land producing better quality higher yielding crop. Imagine earning money while allowing someone else to improve the land.

That seems like a no brainer, right?

Get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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