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Bulk Spoil Removal

Stockley Environmental specialise and are experienced in the management of bulk logistics and bulk spoil removal.

Our team over the past two decades have been involved in some of the largest bulk removal of spoil projects in the UK. Having had involvement in projects such as London Power Tunnels, HS2, Crossrail, Tideway Tunnels and Heathrow T2 the team are expertly placed to assist.

Our expertise allows us to work with the project team from an early stage to jointly work on delivery plans, logistics routing, site operations and management of logistics.

From the point of inception a large scale project that involves the removal of bulk spoil needs a large input to ensure that the project can be met at its required budget and timescale. Projects have undertakings and assurances to be met and the team at Stockley are well versed in working with companies particularly on public projects to ensure these can be met, often as a critical path on any project.

Our services allow for the full management of the spoil removal. We at Stockley have our own logistics system we have developed in house, this allows us to install a module at the removal site and accurately in real time track all movements to and from site. 

Our system we have developed has a weighbridge module and we often install a weighbridge at the removal site, this allows both the client and ourselves full openness and accuracy in the removal and ensures that all vehicle movements optimise the legal carrying weight of an HGV.

We also carry out the loading services for major projects and have the ability to quickly mobile CPCS operators and machines to load from stockpile from the bulk excavation or TBM arisings. This gives you as the client complete comfort that we are in control of the full spoil away operation, often removing areas that can become difficult to work when under contract.

Our fleet of FORS registered HGV's and sub contract HGV's allows us to remove large volumes of spoil in any given period, the team have collectively co-ordinated the removal of over 200 loads in one day from central London projects, one of the most difficult logistical areas to operate in the world. We at Stockley understand the need to be progressive and are currently looking at investing in HDV 5 Star vehicles for certain projects within high volume pedestrian and vulnerable road user areas.

We through our core business are able to source and secure void space for large volumes of spoil, upwards of 1 million tonnes.

Our team are experts in logistics and on complicated projects are well versed in using multimodal techniques to ensure a job is deliverable

New Cross Spoil Removal

Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

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