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Quarry & Landfill Restoration

Quarries and landfills have always and will continue to play a vital role in the operation of the country. As we learn and adapt and continue to improve our technology our reliance will reduce but they will remain a vital part of what we need to continue to operate and grow.

The critical part for us at Stockley Environmental is what we can achieve working with quarry and landfill operators to achieve something truly worthwhile at the end of its life.

Historically spent quarries have become landfills and tipped out landfills have become unnatural looking hills. Our aim is to work with operators early in developing restoration plans that not only benefit financially but can take something that was previously seen as a wart on landscape and take it to something that local communities and nature can benefit from.

A little thought at any stage of the process allows us to look at how we design the restoration schemes, what forna will promote its best return to nature and what will give local stakeholders something to be truly thankful for.

Image by Jacob Capener


Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

Land repurposing that not only carries out vital function but also contributes extraordinarily to the environment can never be a bad idea, right?

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