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Mineral Extraction & Quarrying

Stockley Environmental understands the importance and need for primary aggregates in the continually developing world and the need to undertake its extraction with sensitivity to the local interceptors.

Land owners often sit on millions of tonnes of extractable aggregate unknowing of its value. Stockley Environmental work collaboratively with land owners on understanding potential mineral reserves on landholdings and work to understand the potential of abstraction and the quality of its return.

We work closely with a partner company on understanding opportunities and how they fit in will local mineral and waste plans, sites already identified within the local plans are normally significantly easier to move forward as a development having already been given agreement in principal of the extraction by county planners.

Mineral is used in everything from cosmetics to construction and is an important resource that we need to manage and protect, any other development we undertake we always carry out an assessment to understand the local geology and any aggregate than can be extracted prior to development.

Image by Nancy Hughes


Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

Is your land sitting on geological aggregate deposits?


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