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Stockley Environmental understand intrinsically the importance of keeping the UK green and replenishing areas back to the wild to enable the land to replenish and continually ensure that we have a nett positive effect on the environment. 

For decades and decades we have taken for granted the positive effects a wild countryside has on not only our country but us as peoples wellbeing. As commercial farming has continued and development into greenbelt had grown we have continually reduced the positive effect the environment can have. We have seen impotant species decline in numbers and we need to act to ensure that we remain a sustainable population for our children and our grand children.

We work with land owners to develop schemes that involve habitat creation while simultaneously creating the platform to rewild areas of land providing natural habitats for birds and insects to thrive.

Image by Chris Whatley


Our collaborative work will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome

Land repurposing that not only carries out vital function but also contributes extraordinarily to the environment can never be a bad idea, right?

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