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Stockley Tackles London's Tunneling Challenge: A Sustainable Solution for 400,000 Tonnes of Spoil

New Cross Spoil Removal

Stockley Environmental steps up to the plate on a massive tunnelling project in London. As part of a Hochtief-Murphy Joint Venture (HMJV), Stockley was awarded the contract by National Grid to handle the colossal task of managing spoil from the second extension to South London's cable tunnels.

Tunneling for the Future: 32.5km of New Tunnels

The project is nothing short of ambitious. Over a two-year period, a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) will carve its way 32.5km from Wimbledon to Bexley, burrowing up to 30 meters underground to create a new network of tunnels. This process, however, generates a significant challenge: a massive amount of waste material that requires careful handling and disposal.

Stockley's Expertise: A History of Innovation in Spoil Management

For over 30 years, Stockley Environmental has been tackling the complexities of tunnelling spoil. Their extensive experience comes into play perfectly for this large-scale project.

A Winning Bid: A Holistic Approach to Spoil Handling

Stockley, alongside HMJV, presented a winning bid that goes beyond just hauling away waste. Their innovative approach encompasses the entire spoil management process, from loading and weighing (using their own ingenious software) to transportation and final disposal.

Sustainable Practices: Diverting 400,000 Tonnes from Landfill

The project involves the movement and handling of a staggering 400,000 tonnes of wet chalk spoil over 18 months, all within the heart of London. Significantly, Stockley's solution ensures none of this material ends up in landfills – a critical factor for both the client and stakeholders.

Stockley Environmental's involvement in this project highlights their commitment to sustainable solutions and their expertise in handling complex challenges. By diverting waste from landfills and implementing innovative practices, they are helping to build a greener future for London.

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