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What we do...

At Stockley Environmental we work closely with prospective clients to identify opportunity on their land holdings and guide them through each step on a case by case basis.

We work with clients to identify areas of land that are currently under performing or present further unrecognised opportunity through some of our unique services.

It all starts with a phone call as they say, from the first phone call our small but dedicated team with work with you on a collaborative basis to identify opportunity and to understand how it could be implemented.

We work closely with a small bespoke planning consultant that specialises in the types of developments we undertake with a keen focus on land improvement, mineral extraction and waste to resource avoiding landfill. These types of development present significant opportunities with Bio Diversity Net Gain or BNG as we now call it and actively give back to not only the land owner but most importantly the environment.

Our team will carry out a feasibility assessment with you and work through each detail as its undertaken to give both of us a real insight to any opportunities that are present.

Once we both decide the ideas look like they are worthwhile and that they have potential our planning consultant carries out a detailed search on not only the property history but also how it fits in with the local plans, identifying any potential road blocks really early on in the process, they will also guide us further on additional areas of opportunity they might see.

If we see real opportunity we then manage on a turnkey basis the full process from the inception through to delivery inclusive of planning and environmental permitting to ensure the project is delivered without ongoing liabilities and is delivered in the most sutainable way possible.

We's love to talk to you more about this, perhaps over a coffee?

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